Music has always had the ability to avoid intellectualization and reach the listener on a directly sensorial and emotional level of understanding.

Nowadays when delivering music or ideas through sound they will undoubtedly be transmitted through an electronic medium of reproduction. Whether from a television set or from a personal computer, through a movie theatre or through car speakers, having a polished sound ready for digital distribution is imperative in order for the idea to be transmitted to its full potential. I work closely with the clients to ensure that every project reaches it’s fullest sonic potential, whether it be a music album or sound accompanying a moving image. The sound is part of the idea itself.

Mixed and Mastered

A great mix can make a good recording that much better and at times can even add a layer of meaning all on to it’s own.

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Sound Design and Post Production

Sound is half of the film, and having a crisp, realistic and engaging soundscape married to the picture is imperative for the audience to be immersed in the narrative.

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Composing for Media

Film, television, advertising, videogames and the Internet; all of these forms of media require music and/or sound design tailored to their aesthetic and commercial needs.

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Classical Guitar Performance

Even with all the technological advances in music making nowadays, there is still no musical activity or event more cherished than that of the live performance.

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